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This above link will bring you to Minister Dante Fortson's 'BIBLE STUDY' on a very important subject which I have discussed on our podcast radio program: human hybrids and now they have been clearly identified as such in certain passages of THE HOLY BIBLE - and this is besides the reference to a some strange animal as I noted from The Book of Jasher.


FIRSTLY, there is THE SHED.They were worshipped in Assyria & Babylon.  It depicts the head of a man and the body of a bull, with four to six winds ~~ similar to a 'cherubim.'  The reference is in DEUTERONOMY 32:17. They were called 'CHADASH by Moses, meaning new gods newly up. The Assyrians called them Shedu/Lamassu.


SECONDLY, There is the SA'IYR which means to be afraid of. [We refer to these transhumans as 'devils' or 'demons.'   In the Greek myths these were referred to as "Satyrs" - or half human and half goat. They are referenced in LEVITICUS 17:7 as well as ISAIAH 13:21, and are associated with sex acts with human females.


THIRDLY, we have the LION-HEADED HYBRID. They originated in Moab and later in India.  The reference is in 2 SAMUEL 23:20, where one man of David slayed a "lion man" besides another slaying of a lion.  The Moabites originated from the union of Lot (nephew to Abraham) through his older daughter.  She slept with Moab since she thought their seed was disappearing, and the resulting group were called MOABITES. From this group came Ruth, who was in the lineage of David, from which came THE CHRIST, Jesus, so this was no small occurrence.


FOURTHLY,   there was the MINOTAUR.  He was a bull-headed human, and referenced in 1 KINGS 11:7.  [MOLECH, who was a cow-human hybrid, was worshipped by the Moabites.]


For more information on this Bible study, just click onto the above link.






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