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one of God's little bulldoGs

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one of God's little bulldoGs


What greater job [?] to work for God

every hour of every day, to focus every week!

What greater right {?} to sweat for God,

every day of every week - to serve is just to seek!

How better serve {?} to hold - to cling

every week of every year until the job is done!

When better serve{?} the time is NOW -

to hold and cling and ne'er let go, the war successful won!

Oh to be a bulldoG sent by God

the job now done - the war - not  small - NOW WON!



byron lebeau



This poem is being dedicated to William Alnor, recently deceased, who, in my opinion, reflects the spirit of the chosen words above!



Even HOLLYWOOD, back in the halcyon days of 1939, produced a movie called, "FOUR FEATHERS," starring John Clements as HARRY - who proved what a real noble hero was (a BULLdog) vs. how he was thought of by his fellow British officers, (a coward.) This is a MUST-SEE movie, when movies had real good dialogue, a moral point well made, and plenty of action to keep you at the edge of your seat! Sir Ralph Richardson was one of the brilliant cast who gave HARRY a white feather, and somehow got it returned to him under stressful circumstances...and so also the givers of the other feathers. [THEY DON'T MAKE MOVIES LIKE THIS ANYMORE ~ but luckily we have services like NETFLIX that can bring you back to those halcyon days of yesteryear. Even the love of HARRY'S life finally woke up and saw just what a great man she was in love with. CAUTION: Be 'armed' with a handkerchief or three!]--lebeau--

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