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As I did, I heard a loud voice shout: DOES HE HAVE A LAWYER?


I was puzzled, so I glanced at the court officer for help.  He smiled and said, "Look behind that door with the open window!"


As soon as I did, I caught a glimpse of a man with long hair and a white garment on.  Then the door suddenly opened, and he approached me with the words, "Allow me to defend you" (and he said my name) and he smiled at me and said, "and I will do all the talking for you. "


Although I felt comforted, I looked up at the stern judge, who would not look at me - ONLY MY DEFENSE LAWYER.  And the judge said, "Is he innocent or guilty My Son?"


As soon as the judge said "My Son" I recognized that this was indeed my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, who answered in a calm but deliberate voice: "He is guilty My Father, but he had believed in Me as his Lord & Savior with all his heart when he became born again of the Spirit, and publicly proclaimed My name as his Lord and Savior, so My blood covered his guilt from thence forward, and I ask that he be freed of his bondage so he can walk through the door of liberation to everlasting life."


The judge smiled and looked at me for the first time, and nodded approval, and the gold bar which I stood behind spread open and pointed to another door with pearly gates. (Perched on the top of the gate was a White Dove. How perfect!)  As I was walking through the door with glee, I heard a voice beckon the next defendant to step behind the golden bar; as I glanced at him, I recognized that this was a doubting friend of mine, but I could never convince him that Jesus was the way. I looked at the door with the open glass window, but did not see his lawyer who should have been waiting to defend him against the stern judge...and I got a very sad and sick feeling that he would not have anyone to defend him, with his sins being his accuser, and the JUDGE HATED SIN!


I could not bear to look any more.  I was happy to go through the door...but sad for my erstwhile friend who never listened to me and the need to have Jesus who would cover us with His blood when the END came.  For me it was a BEGINNING of bliss...but for my friend, I was fearful that it was the BEGINNING of something else.


Byron LeBeau



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