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Below is a link to a comprehensive two hour + lecture by Paul Christopher, who addresses the major ingredients in Ufology and the Occult that points unerringly to their root cause....

This root cause was addressed in both "THE CURS-ED NET" (co-authored by Byron LeBeau & Richard Stout,) as well as "ALIEN ENCOUNTERS" (co-authored by Chuck Missler & Mark Eastman.)

 When you view this lecture, you will see references to many & sundry aspects of Occult Ufology, including, but not limited to the following:


Illustrations of how the NEW AGE material merged with the UFO dynamics of the 1940s & 50s; an expose on the TWO FALSE CHRISTS: Ashtar & Maitreya, with scriptural links to show why each reflected a false Christ; examples from Ufology about the 'desert' & 'inner chambers' that you were warned by Jesus Himself not to go to seek these types of beings; three types of channeling; the history of past civilizations and how they dabbled in same; 19th & 20th century channeling personalities & the lower gods - or wickedness in high places; AVATARS-SHAMBALA-SATAN & OTHER PLACES OF new age connections; the Harmonic Conversion and what it signifies; the speaker's experience with UFOs and candid opinions on other UFO researchers (like John Keel;) Project 'Blue Beam' and anomalous activity in our skies; "POWER POINTS" & STRANGE VORTEXES; Festivals-Full Moons & Blood Sacrifices; 'COMMUNION' of men & animals with transformations; Black Helicopters-Shadow Governments and animal mutilations.


Most importantly, all aspects discussed have scriptural back-up, so just like in "THE CURS-ED NET," the Holy Bible supports the contentions that Paul Christopher alludes to throughout his presentation. This, then, becomes a good compliment & supplement to the aforementioned books.

(There is, of course, some speculation by the lecturer, but not so far-fetched that it could not easily be incorporated within the scope of the phenomena being expressed.)


Inspector LeBeau








FOR FURTHER VIEWING: Go to the below link for an exposing of the NEW AGE cast of characters by Walter Veith:


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