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Why did Peter sink when the Lord beckoned to him? Why did David (beyond all odds) defeat Goliath? How strong is your faith as you face your own 'Goliaths' in life?


This website is all about RELIANCE on the one true Father God of all of us.  Sometimes, however, we need to be reminded about just how great God is, and how we can tap into that greatness by simply doing what He wants us to do: to have a clean heart - a clear mind - and a pure motive for all that we do in life.


If we examine carefully the three verses from 1 SAMUEL 17: 45-47, we see that it did not matter what was arrayed against David, be it a spear, a sword or a javelin since David had God on his side, and that was all he needed.  David trusted God so much that the giant Goliath was already dead in his clear mind, since his clean heart & pure motive already won the day.


If we approach our own problems - armed with what David was armed with, the size of our Goliath-like problems will melt in front of us because we know we are not fighting the battle alone. No, far from it for a person with total reliance on the sovereign God of the universe.


If you are a 'doubting Thomas' about any of the above, click on the below link and give a listen to Dr. Charles Stanley talk about THE THRILL OF TRUSTING GOD.  





[NOTE: When you click onto the ABOVE LINK, it brings you to the latest sermon by Dr. Stanley; to get to the sermon, "THE THRILL OF TRUSTING GOD," click onto 'BROADCASTS' which will bring you to 'VIDEO ARCHIVES' and then just go to the FEBRUARY 2010 VIDEO PROGRAMS, and this sermon will appear for viewing.]

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