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Almost ten years' ago, Janet Russell and I had a very engaging two hour public access TV interview with Betty Andreasson, her husband Bob Luca, and one of her daughters, Becky. To say the least, it was intriguing, regardless of which side of the fence you sit on, i.e., Betty being inflluenced by the dark forces, or having a "religious experience" via 'THE ELEDERS' (good Watchers) who escorted her to 'THE ONE.' (Betty felt strongly that they were the GOOD WATCHERS.)


At the time, Janet & I both felt that Betty was sincere, and that her long line of experiences was somehow serving a good purpose; after all, she was a fundamentalist Christian, yet was having experiences (including out-of-body experiences,) that seemed to defy normal explanation.


Knowing how tricky Satan can be in disguising himself as an angel of light, I would not endorse Betty's experiences as being sourced by the highest divine light; however, after reading the below link, feel free to email me (check home page) to express your opinions about this extraordinary interview.


[Raymond Fowler has written several books about this case, the last being THE ANDREASSON LEGACY, which was the focus of the interview of Betty and family by Janet & myself.]





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